NON LINEAR Junction Detectors

Room surfaces are thoroughly examined with the best (NLJD) on the market today.  We have the capability of detecting hidden electronic devices (wire taps, room bugs, tape recorders) whether the device is either on or turned off.

Orion is a state-of-the-art Non-Linear Junction Detector which detects hidden electronic devices.  A Non-Linear Junction Detector transmits a signal and receives harmonic returns to detect the presence of electronics; regardless of whether or not the electronic device is radiating hardwired, or even turned on.

ISA Boomerang5
The Boomerang™ is truly the king of all Nonlinear Junction Detectors. The Boomerang detects the components in infrared and ultrasonic transmitters, microphones, tape and digital recorders, surveillance transmitters (audio and video), and other eavesdropping devices hidden in walls, ceilings, furniture, etc., even when they’re inactive!
 The Boomerang is by far, the most sensitive, durable, reliable and intuitive NJD on the market. Rest assured that if you need your information secure, the Boomerang is just the brute to maintain your security.