Our Team


SWEEPTEAM specializes in the detecting of eavesdropping equipment and the infiltration of your Telecommunication System, as well as the possible interception of your room conversation.

Sweepteam associates specialize in eavesdropping detection and espionage prevention exclusively. 
Our goal is to assist corporate management and security in determining if eavesdropping equipment is present in the offices or home of their clients. 

Sweepteam and associates will work as independent contractors, allowing you to present to your clients the best possible solution to increase information security.

A) Sweepteam provides TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) service on a one time, periodic or contractual inspection basis.

B) We service a wide range of corporate and individual clients throughout the United States, Europe and South America.

Over $250,000 of the best-most advanced-and field proven TSCM gear on each and every assignment.

All Sweepteam associates are Florida Licensed Private Investigators thus allowing you or your clients the confidentiality provided by State law.

Most Sweepteam associate hold government clearances and have been extensively trained by agencies like the U.S. Secret Service – DEA –and The Federal Bureau of Investigations. This is a resume’ we are very proud of.

Sweepteam associates combine the skills of seasoned retired Federal technicians and the experience of owner Jim Toth’s hundreds of TSCM bug sweeps. Our reputation is unsurpassed in electronic sweeps.