We are capable of testing digital, electronic and electro-mechanical single and multi-line telephone sets and lines for devices and modifications which would allow the interception of room audio and telephone conversation.

Tests include the use of Single and Multi-line Telephone Analyses designed to detect all known hook switch bypasses, including single and multi-tone, voltage driven and reverse polarity active bypasses.

We also test telephone lines and cable pairs for all known wiretapping techniques or cable pair modifications that would allow for the interception of telephone conversations and room audio. Tests are done to reveal all wire irregularities, including parallel bridge taps and split/re-split inductive wiretaps.

Telephone frame rooms and distribution panels in the area of concern are physically and electronically inspected. The equipment used is compatible with all three generations of telephones, electro-mechanical, electronic and digital systems.

We utilize a single line telephone analyzer and the most advanced computer driven multi-line telephone line analyzer with an oscilloscope, multi-meters, line tracers, etc. The multi-line telephone line analyzer can check up to 16 lines simultaneously. The software functions of the equiptment allow the automatic generation of comprehensive test reports.